Padma Bridge: 35th span to be installed Saturday



The 35th span (2-B) will be installed on the Padma Bridge on Saturday as the navigability crisis in the river has been resolved through dredging on Friday evening.

The authorities concerned said the navigability near the designated piers was ensured through dredging. So, the floating crane, Tian-e, will be able to bring the 35th span at the designated piers.

“All preparations have been made to install the 35th span on the Piers 8 and 9 on the Mawa point of the bridge on Saturday. Once the 35th span is installed, 5,250 meters of the Padma Bridge will become visible,” Engr Dewan Md Abdul Quader, executive engineer of Padma Bridge project, told Daily Observer Online on Friday night.

He said though there was plan to install the 35th span on Friday, it could not be done due to navigability crisis in the river Padma.

Engr Quader said the floating crane–Tian-e–will sail towards the Piers 8 and 9 with the span from the Kumarbhogh Construction Yard at about 8:00am on Saturday. The distance from the construction yard to the two piers is over 900 meters. The crane is expected to reach the Piers within 20 minutes. It would be possible to install the span by early in the afternoon if there is no technical problems or inclement weather.

It is learnt that the rest seven spans including the 35th span will be installed at the Mawa point of the bridge. Installation of all the spans of Janjira point has already been completed. After installation of the 35th span on Saturday, there is a plan to install the 36th span (1-B) on the Piers 2 and 3 on November 4, the 37th span (2-C) on the Piers 9 and 10 on November 11, the 38th span (1-A) on the Piers 1 and 2 on November 16, the 39th span (2-D) on the Piers 10 and 11 on November 23, the 40th span (2-E) on the Piers 11 and 12 on December 2 and the 41st span (2-F) on the Piers 12 and 13 on December 10.

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