Over 90pc adolescents using mobile phones in Bangladesh: Survey



Nationally, more than 90 percent adolescents are using mobile phones in Bangladesh, according to a survey.
Seven out of 10 unmarried boys own a mobile phone. Around half of ever-married females and a quarter of unmarried girls own a cell phone, it found.
At least half of the phones are smartphones. Almost half of unmarried males and one-fifth of married and unmarried female adolescents access the internet at least once a week.
According to the first national Adolescent Health and Wellbeing survey, most (76-85%) of Bangladeshi adolescents consume food having adequate dietary diversity.
“In Bangladesh, one in every four households has at least one adolescent (aged between 15-19 years). More than 97% of these adolescents have attended formal education institute at least once,” the data showed.
The report of the nationwide survey was launched on Thursday at a city hotel while Health and Family Welfare Minister Zahid Maleque attended the event as the chief guest.
The survey was conducted (in five phases between 25 July 2019 to 10 January 2020) with a nationally representative sample of 72,800 households, covering around 18,000 adolescents age 15-19 years.
The primary objective of the survey was to examine and understand the state of health and well-being of male and female adolescents.
The final report consists of 12 chapters ranging from an array of topics including exposure to media; marriage; menstrual hygiene; gender norms; violence; mental health; nutrition and dietary diversity; and social connectedness with family and friends.

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