Only mental patients doubt Messi’s talents, says Kempes


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The 1978 World Cup hero believes that Leo deserves a break from the Argentina team, while questioning recent criticism thrown at the star

Argentina legend Mario Kempes has jumped to Lionel Messi’s defence after the Barcelona star came in for criticism from another of the country’s World Cup heroes, Diego Maradona.

Messi, Kempes and Maradona have all spearheaded the Albiceleste’s journey to at least one World Cup final.

But where Kempes and Maradona prevailed, in 1978 and 1986, Leo saw his dreams shattered in 2014 when Germany downed Argentina in extra time.

Kempes, however, rejects that criticism, and believes that no one player is capable of winning matches on his own.

“All of us know that Messi cannot win alone, except for the fanatics or the mental patients who put in doubt Messi’s talents, saying that he is a bottler, that he feels nothing for Argentina, that he doesn’t sing the anthem, that he goes to the bathroom 50 times before a game. Those are things that are said to make an impression,” the ex-player fired to Goal.

Kempes also made direct reference to Maradona’s controversial outburst, suggesting that the current Dorados boss would do well to keep his opinions to himself.

“There is some news that says Diego feels bad or was misinterpreted… I think we need to calm the waters, it is like a tsunami,” he added.

“Every time Maradona speaks it makes life difficult for everyone and there are those of us who don’t agree with that, not when he talks about football, but rather about people.

“I think we need to turn over a new leaf, let him concentrate on coaching the Mexican team.”

With Messi on leave from the national team after Argentina’s latest World Cup disappointment, an experimental team went down 1-0 on Tuesday to Brazil.

But despite the disappointment of defeat, Kempes believes the Albiceleste can build on the performance even without their talisman.

“They didn’t play badly, we have to calm down. Argentina have started a new era, there is no crisis right now,” he said.

“I think that things have improved overall, there is a generational overhaul. Messi is not there and I think that’s a good thing, he has been given a psychological break from the Argentina shirt that I think he needs.”

Argentina will be back in action during the month of November, with two friendlies scheduled against Mexico in Buenos Aires and San Juan.

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