one of its most violent days’ in Hong Kong protest



An 18-year-old protester was shot in the chest with a live bullet – one of six live rounds fired by police.

Protesters – armed with petrol bombs and projectiles – fought pitched battles with police in several parts of Hong Kong.

In total, a total of 104 people were taken to hospital and 180 were arrested.

Police chief Stephen Lo said: “25 officers were also injured.”

In the days leading up the anniversary, tensions were high in Hong Kong, which always sees protests on the anniversary. This year, however, Hong Kong has seen four months of protests sparked by proposed changes to an extradition bill.

Though the changes have been abandoned, the unrest has continued, expanding into demands for greater democracy.

College show solidarity with the shot protester on Wednesday The shooting of Tsang Chi-kin, who was attacking an officer with a pole, was captured on video and shared online.

“My chest is hurting, I need to go to the hospital,” the 18-year-old said. The government said he was in a stable condition. Although people have been shot with rubber bullets in previous protests, this was the first injury from a live round.

Mr Lo said firing the bullet was “lawful and reasonable” as the officer thought his and colleagues’ lives were under threat.

Asked why the bullet was fired at close range, Mr Lo said: “He [the officer] did not decide the distance between him and the assailant

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