No Time To Die trailer: seven things we learned



1.The Aston Martin DB5 is back, and it’ll skid
Just look at the ol’ timer get thoroughly, gloriously sideways in one of the trailer’s earliest moments. Looks a little worse for wear, mind. Does this mean it’s been trashed and rebuilt again, before being trashed?

Come on DB5, this is – ahem – no time to die.

2.There’s another 00 agent and she looks like a total badass who drives a DBS Superleggera

Thought Bond had the monopoly on Aston Martin’s very coolest toys? Oh no. There’s another 00 agent along for this time around, and oh lordy, this is going to be good, isn’t it?


3.The Aston Martin Vantage is in this Bond film
You knew that already, but once more for the back, here’s another Aston oldtimer, looking resplendent in the middle of London.


4. The Range Rover Sport can fly
There it goes, being blown merrily into the air and being chased by what appears to be an old Toyota Land Cruiser.

There’s off-road, and there’s just taking the p*ss.


5.The Aston Martin DBX is *not* in the film
Not once in the two and a half minute trailer did we spot Aston’s brand new baby, the DBX SUV. Is it because Aston gets all the sexy supercar stuff, and the big SUVs – yer Land Rovers and Defenders and Land Cruisers and so on – are taken care of by others?

Who knows. Not that there’s insufficient Aston in the film.


6.There’s an insane bike jump
Hard to see from this screengrab, but that bike just raced up a set of stairs and then decided to fly the rest of the distance to access the road above. Lots of flying in this new Bond movie.

7.The DB5 has MINIGUNS in its headlights
Let us repeat for effect. MINIGUNS. In its headlights. We don’t need to tell you this is exactly what your inner eight-year-old wanted, because watching this, we are all eight years old. And we all want miniguns in our DB5’s headlights.

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