Netizens unhappy with Neha Kakkar and Yo Yo Honey Singh’s Kanta Laga; call it ‘trash’



Even enough headline-catching family drama can’t keep Yo Yo Honey Singh from making new music. The singer released his music video Kanta Laga with the Indian music industry’s power brother-sister duo Neha Kakkar and Tony Kakkar. While Tony offered his signature lyrics to the song, Neha’s gritty voice was what actually alleviated the party number.
Yo Yo Honey Singh was back in his game with the rap section as the song created quite a buzz just before its release. The peppy number dropped online on September 8 and is still leaving fans of the musical group dazed. Though one might think that since Yo Yo Honey Singh is embroiled in a controversy, he would be trolled; to our amazement, it was Neha and Tony’s collab that was called “trash” with the rap star becoming the saving grace of the song.
Neha goes out of her way and tries on some vibrant costumes one of which oozes Nicki Minaj vibes with patched hues in pink and green and long blonde hair with a bandana. In another look, the singer opts for floral headgear and faun-flora inspired dress. While Tony Kakkar wrote and composed the song, the music video was directed by Mihir Gulati and produced by Anshul Garg.
Reacting to the song, many netizens trolled the trio and even called it “trash”. One Twitter user wrote, “Lagta hai FB/Insta and Whatsapp walo ne galti se Neha Kakkar ka ‘Kanta Laga’ play kardiya tha”.
Another one wrote, “Pehle laga ki corona virus sabse kharap chiz hai but sabse kharap to @TonyKakkar @iAmNehaKakkar ka naya gaana kanta laga nikla Shefali ka woh gaana 1000 times better tha #bantonykakkar”.

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