Monali Thakur’s mother passes away


Prominent Indian singer Monali Thakur’s mother, Minati Thakur, passed away today afternoon at 2:10pm.

Minati died following the removal of her life support the previous day, informed the singer’s sister, Mehuli Thakur.

Confirming the news, Monali Thakur shared on social media, “The chains have broken… the suffering has finally ended.” This loss comes nearly three years after the death of their father, singer and actor Shakti Thakur, during the Covid pandemic.

The deceased, Minati Thakur, had been battling kidney-related issues and was undergoing regular dialysis. She was hospitalised for approximately 22 days in a private hospital in South Kolkata.

Monali had previously indicated her mother’s deteriorating condition, sharing a childhood photo and revealing the heartbreaking decision to take her off life support.

In her poignant post, Monali wrote, “How do I fight this, mother… this loneliness… this pain. I feel so helpless. But now the time has come and I must make the difficult decision to take her off life support… and prepare myself… Give my mother peace, God… and help me… How do I imagine my life without her now… I can’t hold myself together.”

Monali Thakur, who married Switzerland resident Maik Richter in 2017, frequently travels between Switzerland and India for her shows and playback singing commitments. The family’s sources have confirmed that Minati Thakur’s last rites will be performed at Keoratala crematorium tonight.


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