Media reports of N Korea leader’s sister staging coup not true



South Korea’s spy agency said Sunday media reports of North Korean leader’s sister succeeding coup against her brother are not true at all.

The National Intelligence Service (NIS) dismissed reports that claimed Kim Yo-jong ousted North Korean leader Kim Jong-un after a coup. A separate government official also said such reports are not true, Yonhap reports.

Citing a report from U.S.-based tabloid “Globe,” some news outlets here said Kim Yo-jong staged a coup between May 6 and June 5, and removed Kim Jong-un from the post.

The report claimed Kim Jong-un at recent events is actually an impostor, pointing out that his appearance is different than the past, with substantial weight loss.

Speculations about Kim Jong-un’s well-being have been brought up by media regularly since last year. In July, the NIS dismissed rumors over Kim Jong-un’s health problems as “groundless.”

The North Korean leader earlier this month attended a defense development exhibition in Pyongyang and called for boosting military capabilities. He was also seen smoking cigarettes with officials at the event, according to photos released by the North.

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