Life is the biggest teacher: Shraddha Kapoor



Bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor has some interesting films coming up, but unlike the other actresses, she is in no race and doesn’t believe in any competition.

“There are so many opportunities for everyone. It is not like we just have few actresses. Now there is space for everyone. I feel like I looked at things differently; I focus so much on my work and myself that I don’t have time for anything. I don’t even have time to watch movies,” the actress says, adding, “When people ask me ‘have you gone to this party’, I say no, because I am focused on my films. People are also telling me that I am not out there, but I like it that way because it helps me focus.”

Shraddha feels life has been her biggest teacher and helps her to prep for her roles. “I think life is the biggest teacher. We make people into characters every single day, and if we can use that in our life and craft, then it works. Just by observing people — I love having conversations with people — you can get to learn so much. Films definitely teach you a lot, but nothing is better than life. Life is your biggest teacher,” the Saaho actress concludes

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