Kilburn stand-off between armed officers and two men ‘with gun’ on roof in north London


Armed police have been involved in a stand-off for more than three hours with two men who “fled” police in north-west London.

At around 5.11pm on Tuesday, two males were seen “tampering with a motorcycle” in Mazenod Avenue, in Kilburn, police said.

After being challenged by police, the pair reportedly “fled, making their way onto the roof of a nearby building in Kingsgate Road”.

Dramatic footage from the incident emerged showing the duo on the building, throwing roof tiles at police below.

Police said the men, one of whom reportedly has a gun, remained on the rooftop at around 8.15pm.

A witness told MailOnline: “Apparently it is a suspected burglary gone wrong and when police approached them they got up on the roof and started ripping off roof tiles and throwing them at the police.”

“A member of the public reported seeing one of the men in possession of a firearm,” a police spokesman said.

“This has not yet been confirmed. Specialist firearms officers are in attendance as a precaution.”

A police cordon remains in place in Kingsgate Road.

No arrests have been made.

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