Katrina Kaif talks inner beauty



Katrina Kaif is already at the top of the acting world, and she is soon to do the same in the beauty world with her new brand Kay By Katrina.

The actress reveals that she was always inclined towards this. “Three to four years ago I had this dream to start a beauty brand. Right from being a model, makeup is something that I have understood and experimented with a lot. This was a natural progression that I wanted to do,” she reveals.

The Jagga Jasoos actress is a firm believer of loving oneself and celebrating our own skin. She says: “I believe that everyone is beautiful when they are themselves and when they are the happiest in their own skin. So I never want the makeup to look like its overpowering you, or that its sitting on your face, it should blend into your skin. The other most important thing is time: Sometimes in the morning, you must need some key products which you know will give you that extra glow.”

Katrina adds that beauty does not come from makeup. “Makeup is for us to enhance and highlight the preexisting beauty in every woman. I really believe that. Every woman is unique and beautiful in her own way, and we need to celebrate that,” she notes in conclusion

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