Kareena wants Saif to meet Sunny Leone’s husband


GBnews 24 desk//

Kareena Kapoor who has sizzled onscreen after motherhood has now turned to radio, hosting her new show called “What Women Want” on Ishq 104.8 FM.The show is all about shattering stereotypes and candid conversations with celebs.

Bebo in the first episode of the show invited actress Sunny Leone, the duo talked about family life, movies and kids.

Both the moms are managing a career and a family which is a tough ask.

Talking about marriage and kids Sunny was very appreciative of husband Daniel Weber “I’m very lucky to have a husband who’s so hands-on. He does the diapers, food, bath, all that with me” said Leone.Kareena who herself is blessed with a baby boy immediately asserted “I definitely think Saif should meet him.”

Sunny Leone has three children, she adopted little Nisha from a village in Latur in 2017 and had Noah and Asher via surrogacy in early 2018, while Kareena is the mother of the internet sensation Taimur Ali Khan born Dec 20,2016.

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