India assured Bangladesh of stopping border killing: Quader




Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader on Monday said the Indian government has assured Bangladesh that there will be no more killing along the border.
 “There have been several meetings on border killings. The Indian government has promised that there’ll be no more killing along the border…they’ll keep their assurance,” he said.
Quader, also the Road Transport and Bridges Minister, came up with the remarks while speaking at a press briefing at his residence.
He said the independence and sovereignty of the country is safe only in the hands of Awami League.
The minister said though BNP leaders now talk about the border killing issue, but this party tried to keep alive this problem to make their political gains.
“They (BNP leaders) have forgotten that the longstanding border problem between Bangladesh and India was resolved through Sheikh Hasina,” he observed.
Quader said BNP had not been able to resolve any problem with neighbouring countries during its rule. “Rather, it has built the walls of mistrust and lack of confidence with them.”
The AL general secretary said the government of Sheikh Hasina has broken down the walls of mistrust and built a bridge of relations by upholding the interests of the country and its people.
He also said though BNP tries to demonstrate an anti-Indian stance with their various remarks and statements, the party had taken a ‘knee-jerk’ policy towards India during its stay in power.
“What could be a more subservient policy than this as those who forgot to raise the water issue during a visit to India and those who waited at the closed doors of Indian Embassy with sweets and wreaths after the change of government in India? Quader said.
He also alleged that BNP does not hesitate to sell the country’s independence for going to power undercover of patriotism. “Those who join hands with the defeated enemies of the Liberation War can never be the protector of sovereignty.”

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