Imo launches ‘Multiple Account Support’ for Bangladeshi users



Imo has recently introduced a new feature ‘Multiple Account Support,’ where users can seamlessly switch between multiple accounts using one handset and log in to their respective Imo account safely and seamlessly. The new feature, specifically launched for Bangladeshi users, enables individuals and families that share one mobile device to access their Imo accounts with greater ease.

Although smartphone use in Bangladesh is rising, it is yet to reach its full potential. It is quite common in Bangladesh for several family members to share one mobile phone. According to a user survey conducted by Imo, nearly 64% of Imo Bangladeshi users that identify as parents do not have their own smartphones, while 49% of Imo users share phones with their family members for communication. The data shows a strong demand among Imo users to be able to switch between accounts on the same device.

With the launch of ‘Multiple Account Support’, users would now be easily able to switch between up to five different user accounts on the same device.

The feature can be accessed by clicking the new “Switch Account” tab in the “Me” setting page. After adding a new account, one can switch from account A to account B without having to restart or login again. To add a new account, it would require an OTP verification to ensure account safety.

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