‘I’ll give up politics if they can prove a single allegation against me’



A Dhaka University student has filed a case against six persons including former DU Central Students’ Union (DUCSU) vice president (VP) Nurul Haque Nur of rape and abetting rape.

The student filed the case on Sunday night with Lalbagh police station.

All of the accused are members and leaders of the Bangladesh Students’ Rights Council Bangladesh Students’ Rights Council and are current and former students of Dhaka University.

According to the case dockets, the reported rape incident took place on January 3 this year, when the prime accused Hasan Al Mamun, convener of the independent student body, allegedly raped the victim.

The others, accused of abetting the crime, are Nazmul Hassan Shohag and Md Saiful Islam, joint conveners of Bangladesh Students’ Rights Council, Nazmul Huda, vice president of the organization’s DU unit, and Abdullah Hil Baki, a student of the university and an activist of the organization, who spearhead the quota reforms movement in 2018.

The student also alleged that several accused including Nur met with her at Nilkhet to reach an amicable solution to the matter.

But, denying the allegation of the female student, Nur announced that he would give up politics forever if anyone could prove the allegation against him.

The former DUCSU VP made the announcement after coming to Facebook live at 8:30pm on Thursday.

Nur said, “There are many CCTV footages in and around Dhaka University or Nilkhet areas. New Market Police Station is also situated nearby. If she can prove any single allegation that I met with her at Nilkhet on June 24 last or talked to her about settling the matter, I’ll accept all the complains gladly. I’ll leave politics forever, and consider myself as a criminal.”

“Those who know the girl or there are people of different intelligence agencies, let them prove just one thing that I sat with the girl at Nilkhet to settle the matter on June 24 and I was present there. And, we threatened her there. That’s enough. If they can prove it, I won’t seek anything else. I’ll accept my crime gladly.”

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