I would adopt every orphaned child if I could: Pori Moni


For the first time, Pori Moni will be featured in a Hoichoi web-series titled “Rongila Kitab”. Directed by Anam Biswas, the series is currently being filmed in Khagrachari. Meanwhile, the actress has also been working on the Kolkata film “Felubokshi”.

“We are shooting for ‘Rongila Kitab’ in the hill tracts of Khagrachari in extreme heat, yet we are enjoying the work,” Pori Moni said. She mentioned that the plot is very interesting, with twists in every part of the series. “The audience will be surprised to see me in this project. I took a lot of time preparing for the role before facing the camera.”

After shooting in Khagrachari, the team will move to Rangamati. Speaking about the director, Pori Moni remarked, “He is putting a lot of effort into this series. I love how after shooting the entire day, he sits with the team and shares his thoughts on how each scene was shot. It helps us find room to improve for the next day!”

Pori Moni also talked about her experience working with Soham for the first time. “It never felt like I was working with him for the first time; he is quite friendly and fun to work with,” added the “Swapnojal” actress.

Recently, Pori Moni adopted a daughter, for which she was praised on social media. “The feeling of becoming a mother can only be understood by a mother. The moment I took Priyom on my lap, I felt the same happiness I felt when Punnyo was born!”

She added, “If I had the ability, I would adopt all the orphaned children and provide them with the best life they deserve.”


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