‘I am sorry, please don’t dwell on my past actions’: Pori Moni


In 2022, Pori Moni and Bidya Sinha Mim engaged in a tug of war on social media, where Pori Moni accused Mim of trying to get close to her then-husband, Sariful Razz. The “Gunin” actress posted a series of statuses where she accused Mim of “mingling too much” with Sariful Razz and not “being satisfied with her husband.”

Afterward, Mim posted a detailed status stating that she would take legal action against those attempting to tarnish her reputation. She also shared with The Daily Star that she would no longer act with Sariful Razz in movies due to the controversy. The incident led to a social media frenzy as people wondered when the mud-slinging would stop.

 ‘I am sorry, please don't dwell on my past actions’: Pori Moni to Mim

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Fast forward to 2024, Pori Moni has divorced Sariful Razz, and it appears that all the bad blood between the two actresses is over. They publicly buried the hatchet at Dhaka Fashion Day 2024 yesterday, where Pori Moni walked down the ramp alongside other celebrities, including Bidya Sinha Mim, Sabila Nur, Puja Chery, and Tanjin Tisha.

Mim revealed to Prothom Alo what Pori Moni said to her at the event, sharing, “Two years ago, Pori Moni humiliated me with false claims on her Facebook status, that too on my birthday night. That whole incident scarred me a lot. After that incident, I tried to avoid her at public events. Prior to walking down the stage, all of us were standing behind the stage. Suddenly, Pori Moni hugged me and said she knew I was still upset with her.”

 ‘I am sorry, please don't dwell on my past actions’: Pori Moni to Mim

Photo: Collected

“‘Are you still mad at me? I am really sorry. Please forget what I said to you back then. Don’t you love my children?’ She further asked. I wasn’t really prepared for that interaction, including her coming to me and hugging me. Many people noticed the incident, including Sabila Nur, and Tanjin Tisha, among others.”

Mim said that before entering the stage and even towards the end of the program, Pori Moni kept repeating the same statements to her and hugged her twice.

When asked what she said to Pori Moni in response, Mim revealed, “I told her I really love her child, as I used to visit her house to see him. However, I decided to ask her once and for all, ‘Pori, I have never wronged you. Why did you have to belittle me on social media with such lies? I was really hurt by your status at that time.'”

“After hearing that, Pori Moni replied, ‘Please forget all of that. I am really sorry for everything that I have said about you. Please don’t take my actions to heart.'”


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