I am proud of my choices: Anushka


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Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma had a great run at the box office in 2018 with films like Sui Dhaaga, Sanju, Pari and now, she is all set to end the year with a bang with Zero. In a candid chat, the actress talks about her roles and her motivations behind choosing them.

“I want to always do different films and my choices have been a testimony to that. I have done three distinct films in 2018 and I am proud of my choices,” says Anushka.

The actress insists that her choices aren’t motivated by a desire to prove a point or impress anyone. And so, she takes her time when making a decision. “I have always picked the right roles. I will always pick and choose films and not sign a film just because I want to prove a point to somebody. I am in a very secure position in life and I don’t need to do that. I can take my time to pick the films that I want to do and I have earned that position,” she says.

Anushka also spoke about her approach to criticism, since, having experienced a good amount of it in her earlier days in the industry, she isn’t a stranger to it.

“I take it head-on, but criticism is also an opinion ultimately. So you have to value that person, that’s important. No matter how accomplished you might be, you should always be open to listening to people and listening to their viewpoint. You also have to have your own vision in mind ultimately,” says the 30-year-old actress.

Quite the workaholic, she also spoke about her hectic schedule. “I have constantly been working this entire year. I was filming till about two days before my marriage. I got married, took a week off, and then went back to work. I work very hard,” shares Anushka Sharma.

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