Govt to investigate if there any conspiracy behind train mishaps: PM



Referring to the two recent train mishaps, Prime Minister and Leader of the House Sheikh Hasina today told the parliament that her government will investigate the accidents to determine whether there was any conspiracy or ill motive behind the incidents.

“Investigation into the recent train mishaps will be conducted to confirm whether there was any conspiracy or ill motive behind the incidents. We will take appropriate measures upon completion of the investigation,” she said while delivering her around one hour and five-minute valedictory speech on the fifth session of the 11th Jatiya Sangsad.

The premier added: “We see recurrence of train accidents in winter season. Therefore, we have to look into the matter why it happens.”

Expressing deep shock at the deaths of 16 people and injuries of many people in the train accident at Kasba Upazila of Brahmanbaria early Tuesday, the premier said, “The train mishap took place as its driver failed to see the signal due to fog.”

“We have taken steps to give treatment to the injured people. The injured people are now taking treatment at CMH and other hospitals,” she said.

The premier said one more train mishap has taken place today at Ullapara in Sirajganj fortunately without any casualty but some people were injured.

Soon after the train accident, necessary directives were given to the concerned authority to take prompt measures for recovering the injured people and ensuring their proper treatment.

In this regard, she said that train accidents usually occur during the winter season due to fog, saying “We will see what initiatives could be taken to put an end to it.”

Coming down heavily on the BNP as they had tried to stop the rail communication across the country while in power, she said, “After assuming office we have started reopening the rail communication. We are now repairing the old rail bridges and rail tracks along with establishing new rail lines.”

The prime minister said that she has already given directives to the railways ministry to take more projects to repair the old rail bridges and rail lines.

“We have to appoint more manpower in railways along with repairing the rail lines and bridges to fill up the huge vacuum created by the BNP government,” she said.

She, however, stressed the need for giving training to the railway staff. The prime minister thanked Leader of the Opposition in the House for her constructive criticism on various issues.

But she did not agree with the Opposition Leader of not constructing metro rail and stop rail communications in fear of accidents, saying, “Accident is just an accident. It would not be wise to stop construction of metro rail and train communication in the fear of accidents.”

“Whether would she (Raushan Ershad) stop board on cars as road accidents are taken place frequently?” the premier posed a question.

In this regard, she said, train accidents are taken place in many developed countries including the UK, but they didn’t stop its operation.

The premier said, “We are constructing metro rails to benefit the people. After construction of the metro rail, professionals, students and teachers would be able to reach their destinations timely as it will reduce traffic congestion to a great extent.”

About the initiatives to lower the price hike of onion, Sheikh Hasina said that onions are selling at Taka 45 to 50 per kilogram on open market at different places of the country through TCB.

“Besides, we are importing onion from Egypt and Turkey and find more countries from where onion can import whereas LC has opened for importing 50,000 metric tons of onion,” she said.

The premier said drives have been conducted in many places against hoarding of the onion and found onions are being rotten. But those are not being sent to the market, she added.

In this context, she said, “I have already given directives to the authorities concerned to distribute the onion (which will be imported from different countries) at each district by the TCB.”

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