Govt serves show-cause notice to Evaly


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The government has served show-cause notice on e-commerce platform Evaly, asking why legal action will not be taken against it.
The Ministry of Commerce also sought an explanation from the company about its business system

The ministry sent the notice to Evaly chairman Shamima Nasrin and managing director Mohammad Rassel on Monday in this regard.

Evaly will have to explain to the notice of the commerce ministry by August 1.

Apart from showcasing the Evaly, it has been asked to clarify six more issues. These are:

1. Why Evaly had a running capital of Tk 65 crore against Tk 407 crore taken from clients and merchants till March 14 this year? Does the Evaly has the rest of the amount? If it does, it will have to provide detailed information, and if it doesn’t, it will have to give a full explanation.

2. What were the liabilities to the clients till July 15? What is the current status of the products pledged to provide to  clients taking advance amounts from them, and what is its future plan in this regard?

3. What were the liabilities to merchants till July 15 and the current status of the payments and what are the future plans?

4. What amount of money Evaly has received from customers till July 15 since it started business, how much it has paid to the merchants and how much it has spent on different heads including administrative?

5. What is Evaly’s business method and what is its plan to overcome the present situation?

6. Is any kind of business practice or method prevailing in Evaly which is contradictory to the digital commerce regulations and the digital commerce guidelines? If so, a credible explanation will have to be given.

The decision to serve the showcause notice was taken at a meeting with Commerce Secretary Tapan Kanti Ghosh on Sunday at the Ministry of Commerce.

Earlier, Evaly has closed its head office despite taking payments for products from numerous customers. Against this backdrop, the court issued a travel ban on Evaly chairman Shamima Nasrin and managing director Mohammad Rassel asking them not to leave the country until the completion of the investigation run by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).

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