Google, Gmail, YouTube down




Google service abruptly went down on Monday evening, impacting hundreds of users. Among the services that were disrupted at the time of writing include Gmail, Google Search, YouTube, and Google Maps among others.
The latest outage, which seems to be more intensive than the last one, seemingly started around 10-15 minutes back.
Downdetector, the website that tracks web outages, has reported over 20,000 outage cases from around the world.
YouTube and Gmail seem to have been worst hit globally, causing an uproar on Twitter about how Google services have left them high and dry especially on the first day of the week.

Meanwhile, Google’s own tracker for its online services does not seem to have been updated. Despite the outage reports about all consumer Google products like Gmail and YouTube, the status page for Google services right now is showing no outage, against each service. It shows a green dot, which necessarily means the services are live and working as expected. Maybe Google servers will take some time to reflect the changes.

For some people, Google Search seems to be working fine while some users are reporting even Search is not working for them.

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