‘Free Dhaka city from stray dogs by December’



Under the banner of ‘Aamra Sacheton Dhakabasi,’ an organisation on Saturday demanded removal of all unclaimed or stray dogs from the Dhaka city by December this year.

The demand was raised from a human-chain formed at Nagar Bhaban premises in the morning.

Speakers at the human-chain said Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) has removed only a small number of unclaimed dogs from the Nagar Bhaban, Dhanmondi Lake and Ramna Lake areas over the past several days.

They said it’s difficult to go outside due to the nuisance of stray dogs in the Dhaka city which has a 400-year-old rich tradition. We feel ashmed of living in this mega city when we can’t go to mosques to offer prayers, or our chidren can’t play without fear. There is no capital of a civilised country in the world where unclaimed dogs can wander freely on the streets. So, it is our fervent call to the DSCC Mayor Sheikh Fazle Noor Taposh to free his areas from the unclaimed or stray dogs by December this year.

Addressing those who have taken stand against the removal of unclaimed dogs, the speakers said some people have been shedding crocodile’s tear for stray dogs, but they ride on luxury cars with German shepherd. But, they are shedding tears for the unclaimed dogs.

“Please don’t try to make people fool. Don’t misinterpret the law. Shifting or removing stray dogs falls within the jurisdiction of the city corporation. Different clauses of the Local Government (City Corporation) Act 2009 have empowered the city corporation to remove the unclaimed dogs from the city. So, the DSCC will take steps according to the law. Otherwise, a greater movement will be launched from January,” one of the speakers said.

Later, a five-member group met DSCC chief executive officer ABM Aminullah Noori and raised their demands.

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