Fireworks, flags, face masks: Biden celebrates at drive-in rally



Wearing facemasks and waving flags from car rooftops, hundreds of Democrats cheered every sentence of Joe Biden’s first speech as president-elect at his victory party for the coronavirus era.

They sounded car horns and danced in the backs of jeeps as Biden told the drive-in rally at his election headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware that he would unify America as its 46th president.

“It’s an amazing feeling,” said 26-year-old financial analyst Juliana Panzera, speaking through her car window in the parking lot of the Chase Center.

“It almost feels too good to be true. But thank God it isn’t,” she added.

Children standing through sunroofs waved blue glow-sticks as older revellers wearing masks with “Biden-Harris” emblazoned on them enjoyed drinks with fellow supporters beside their vehicles, happy to break the six-feet rule.

“We’re elated,” said 32-year-old content creator Alexis Reyes who drove from neighboring New Jersey.

“We have been praying and wishing for Biden to get this win. I feel like everyone just feels a sense of like, ‘Dad is gonna take over and protect everybody,’” she added.

For 59-year-old Pat Heffernan, the celebrations were third time lucky after he and his wife Debra drove to the venue twice earlier this week in anticipation of a victory party that never happened as the vote count dragged on.

“We’re having some drinks. We feel a sense of relief,” said Heffernan, dressed as Uncle Sam in red and white striped trousers with shoulder straps and a flashing top hat.

His wife wore a Statue of Liberty costume.

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