Felt good working with Tahsan after so long: Mithila


Actress Rafiath Rashid Mithila, who is currently a celebrated figure in the industry, continues to make her mark — equipped with a diverse portfolio spanning both Bangladeshi and Indian Bengali productions.

The actress is geared up to further exhibit her mettle in the eagerly anticipated upcoming web-series, “Baaji”, where she takes on the role of a journalist. This Arifur Rahman directorial venture is hence slated for release this Eid-ul-Azha on Chorki.

“Baaji” points to a significant reunion on-screen with actor Tahsan Khan after a notable hiatus — rekindling the excitement among fans who hold the former partners in high regard as a beloved on-screen pair.

The “Mayaa” famed actress recently expressed her enthusiasm about the project with The Daily Star, stating, “I thoroughly enjoyed working on ‘Baaji’ and approached my role with professionalism, much like any other task I undertake.”

The storyline of the series proceeds around the game of cricket and gambling surrounding the sport, denoting its debut in this genre. Director Arif is making his directorial debut with this series, as is Tahsan with his first role in a web-series.

Mithila commented on reuniting with Tahsan, mentioning, “I primarily shared more scenes with Manoj Pramanik and fewer scenes with Tahsan during filming. Having said that, I indeed acted with Tahsan after a long while and I felt good working with him. I had an incredible time filming with all the cast members.”

Adding more, Mithila said, “During filming, I generally become fully occupied by my character, focusing on how to enhance my performance. I approached my role in ‘Baaji’ with the same dedication. We all worked on this project with great eagerness, and I believe the audience will appreciate it.”

“Baaji” is the only Eid special project that Mithila has in store for her fans, while “Kajolrekha” continues to be screened across various local and international theatres. She stressed, “I focused solely on one project for Eid, always striving for quality work that resonates with the audience. This time was no different.”

“The fact that ‘Kajolrekha’ is still being screened in halls is great news for Bangladeshi cinema. The film has received acclaim from many, with its story being the heart. In addition to the story, the director’s vision and performances of the artistes have played crucial roles in its success,” she conveyed regarding the Gias Uddin Selim directorial film.

On the other hand, Mithila’s new movie “Aranyar Prachin Probad”, directed by Dulal Dey, will be released in Kolkata during the first week of the next month, Mithila expressed, “Films that I star in get released in two Bengals, every Eid. This has been happening for several years, and it’s happening again this time. As an artiste, it brings me immense joy.”

Mithila spoke about her co-artiste and director of the upcoming movie “Aranyar Prachin Probad”. Mentioning Silajit Majumder is also featured in the film, she said, “It was my first time acting alongside him, and I completely enjoyed the experience. Jeetu Kamal is also part of the project. Director Dulal da, who is known for his background as a cricket journalist, has crafted a beautiful film. I am very optimistic about this work.”


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