Farhan Chowdhury to walk as a ‘Celebrity Model’ in NORTHERN VOGUE



After shutting down New York Fashion Week last September internationally recognized Fashion Supermodel Farhan Chowdhury is going to walk as a ‘Celebrity Model’ in NORTHERN VOGUE on November 23.

Northern Vogue is organized by Byniche which is one of the top-level event companies in United States. This show will take place in W Foshay Minneapolis in Minnesota. For the last two years, tickets were sold out and Farhan says it will be this time too. Tickets are priced from $225-$300. So Grab your ticket if you haven’t gotten yet. You can find the tickets in EventBrite.

International Supermodel Farhan Chowdhury is also the founder of F+J productions and Road To Vintage Fashion Show. Jacelyn Johnson (film director, screenwriter, model, and the director of MTM Agency – Minneapolis) is the Co-Founder of F+J Productions and Road To Vintage Fashion show.It was their desire to provide an artistic platform to incubate and cultivate the local creative coalition. They have partnered with model, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Larissa Lowthorp to give back to the community.

ROAD TO VINTAGE is a black-tie celebration of 500+ years of fashion through modern renditions and cultures on a global scale, as interpreted by Minnesota designers.

The snazzy Farhan working as United States Top Men Model for the last two years. He recently signed a contract with one of the Netflix series for his debut work in Hollywood and it clearly is an enormous achievement for him and Bangladesh as well. Super model Farhan is also going to direct the Fashion shows in the United States on behalf of her mother who is the winner of Best Fashion Designer Award for the last 3 years. They are also participating in New York Fashion Week and Los Angeles Fashion Week for the next two seasons for next two years.

Supermodel Farhan is also going to be the runway coach for Los Angeles Fashion Week and New York Fashion week in upcoming fashion shows for next two years. Unlike New York fashion week he is the first model from Bangladesh to be on Los Angeles Fashion weekt too.

His father Mainul Islam Chowdhury, a stunning businessman appreciates Farhan’s consistent success and so does his mother Parvis Chowdhury. The designs of Parvis Chowdhury were also showcased in last two new York fashion week and is the first designer to be on New York Fashion Week from Bangladesh.While confronting media Farhan said “I love the Fashion Industry, and I love the hustle people do for modeling. I met so many remarkable people in this fashion industry who are the dearest people in my life and they are all my family since I don’t have a family here.”

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