Farah Khan gets trolled for removing mask while buying fruits



  • Filmmaker and choreographer Farah Khan was clicked in Mumbai on March 23
  • She was seen buying fruits on the streets and was brutally trolled for removing her mask
  • “What’s the point of wearing the mask?” asked netizens

It has been more than a year since we are fighting with the deadly coronavirus. The virus, which originated in the Wuhan district of China, has spread all over the world and has taken the lives of lakhs of people. The deadly virus has been declared a global pandemic and citizens are advised to wear masks every time they step out of their house. In Mumbai, the cases have increased at a rapid spread. Recently, filmmaker and choreographer Farah Khan was brutally trolled for removing her mask while fruits on the streets.

Due to the global pandemic, citizens are advised to avoid touching anything and wear masks all the time. On March 23, Farah was clicked in Mumbai when she was buying mangoes. The filmmaker removed her mask and smelled the fruit before buying it. The same didn’t go down well with the netizens and as soon as her video surfaced online, she was brutally trolled.

Many asked her the purpose of wearing a mask if she is removing it, while others said that she will spread the virus with her actions. Before we tell you what all netizens said, let’s take a look at Farah’s video.

Farah Khan gets trolled for removing her mask

One wrote, ‘Ye kisi aur ko corona karwayegi.” “She is like …aa corona mjhe maar,” wrote another. Another angry netizen wrote, “Mask utaar ke aam kaun soonghta hai COVID time mei wo bhi Maharashtra mein !! oh bhai maro mujhe! Common sense bech k aam khareed liye kya?” “What’s the point of wearing that mask??” asked another. “Smelling mangoes dont make sense, whats the pt? stallers shouldn’t allow ppl to smell his mangoes, as it is spreading disease and very unhygienic,” reads another comment.

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