Fans miss watching Kareena on screen


Fans have been missing Bebo on screen lately, Kareena Kapoor Khan did not really have a long role as a British cop in ‘Angrezi Medium’ though she played Dimple Kapadia’s daughter in the film, she had two scenes with her and about three scenes with Irrfan Khan.

Naturally, her fans did not get enough time to catch the film in the theatres due to the COVID-19 threat and the subsequent lockdown, but they managed to see the digital telecast on the OTT when the film started streaming.

The actress had earlier by her own admission revealed that it was a “small but significant” role and she had done it to work with Irrfan Khan.

But the fans are upset because the digital telecast saw her introduction scene also end abruptly. “Yes, the fans are upset because they are all at home and trying to catch up on films and if they are Kareena’s fans they want to see more of her. Agreed it was a small role, but her entry scene and interaction with Irrfan ended rather curtly after the set up was done. A lot of her scenes are also in the form of montages before the climax and we don’t have her mouthing many lines. Agreed that it was a father-daughter film, but the audience wanted more of Kareena in the film,” opines film writer and historian Imtiaz Baghdadi.

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