Erfan Salim, bodyguard jailed for one yr



A mobile court has sentenced Erfan Salim, a ward councillor and son of lawmaker Haji Salim, and his bodyguard Mohammad Zahid to one year imprisonment.

RAB spokesperson Lt Col Ashique Billah informed the matter at a press conference on Monday evening.

He said the duo have been awarded six months’ imprisonment for possessing illegal arms and another six months for possessing liquor.

Earlier in the afternoon, members of Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), led by executive magistrate Sarwar Alam, raided Erfan’s house and seized 37 walkie talkies, five VPS sets, a pistol,a one-barrel gun, a briefcase, one handcuff, a drone and seven bottles of foreign liquor and bear.

During interrogation, Erfan told RAB that he used to keep contact with followers within a radius of 5-12 km of his house through the walkie talkies.

RAB said the VPS sets were recovered from Erfan’s control room on 3rd and 4th floors of the house.

Executive Magistrate Sarwar Alam said Erfan could not give any satisfactory answr of possessing arms and the handcuff. He was possessing arms without license, said Alam.

The drive was conducted following filing of a case against Erfan and six others for assaulting navy official Lieutenant Wasif Ahmed Khan in the city on Sunday night.

Meanwhile, a Dhaka court placed lawmaker Haji Mohammad Salim’s car driver Mizanur Rahman on one-day remand in a case filed for attacking Lieutenant Wasif Ahmed Khan.

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