Ekta Kapoor defends sex and superstition


GBnews 24 desk//

Ekta Kapoor has often been criticised for her depiction of erotica in films as well as in her web oeuvres and for promoting blind beliefs and superstitions through shows like Naagin. But the never-say-die producer has her answers ready.

Defending the allegations, Ekta speaks about sex and superstition.

“I am very happy showing sex. I don’t think we should have any problem with sex. The problem with our country is hamaare khaane ke daant aur hote hain aur dikhaane ke kuch aur. We are a country of double standards. We should have a problem with non-consensual sex; we should have a problem with sexual crimes,” advocated the producer on the sidelines of a new web series and a TV serial that she had just launched.

As far as promoting blind beliefs goes, Ekta says, “I would like to say that Naagin is great. Fantasy is great. I love Harry Potter and the Game of Thrones. We don’t match up in effects because our budgets are one-hundredth of that. But we more than makeup with the storyline. The problem is that in the post-colonial era, anything populist will be criticised. You cannot take a step with the fear of criticism.”

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