‘Double XL’: All bodies are beautiful



For a long time, Bollywood has lacked proper representation for people of all backgrounds, identities and body types. However, now a new wave of movies is changing this stifling absence.

Satramm Ramani’s “Double XL” is indeed one such breath of fresh air. Sonakshi Sinha and Huma Qureshi play the characters of two plus-sized women navigating professional and personal lives in this movie. All women know the stress of looking a certain way and the fear of body shaming. This infused shame is almost palpable in the characters, and as they shed that, the reinvigoration is transmitted to the audience.

“Double XL” shows these two women from two different social segments. What ties them together is the constant discrimination and prejudice they have to endure due to being plus-sized. Their workplaces and social circles treat them differently, often out-casting and discriminating them for their bodies. At its core, the movie seeps deep and asks if women truly deserve to be treated as eye candy.

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