Don’t allow the ‘looters’ to come to power, PM tells Bangladeshi expatriates


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has warned people against bringing looters to state power.

“Don’t leave the country to the grips of looters. If that happens the country will be destroyed,” she said while addressing a civic reception accorded to her by Bangladeshi expatriates in South Africa.

The prime minister has been on a visit to South Africa to attend the 15th BRICS summit.

She also urged all to make sure that country’s journey towards development continues without any disruption.

In this connection, the Prime Minister, also Awami League president, sought votes for “Boat”, her party’s electoral symbol, in the next general election from Bangladeshi expatriates for the country’s unhindered development.

“We want cooperation from you all alongside seeking vote for the boat to continue the country’s advancement towards prosperity,” she said.

The PM called upon the expatriate Bangladeshis to consider this so that the indomitable pace of the country’s development is not hampered.


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