DMP plans ‘Traffic Parks’ to educate children on traffic rules


To instill traffic rule awareness among children from an early age, Dhaka Metropolitan Police today announced to construct “Traffic Parks” across the city.

DMP’s Joint Commissioner (Traffic South) SM Mehedi Hasan made the announcement during a press conference at its media centre. He emphasised the importance of educating young minds about traffic regulations and safety.

For the last 1-2 years, the traffic department of the DMP has been actively visiting schools to promote public awareness among children, Hasan stated. Improving the capital’s traffic system through various initiatives has been prioritised, he added.

One of the key initiatives includes a collaboration with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). Hasan highlighted that JICA is assisting the DMP in multiple activities such as public awareness campaigns, training for traffic officials, and comprehensive data collection and analysis.

The improvement of the traffic system has been ongoing for two years. Currently, the focus is on creating widespread awareness about road safety and traffic laws among city residents, Hasan explained.

Hasan further elaborated on the data-driven approach being employed with JICA’s help. “We are analysing data to identify the locations with the highest traffic congestion and accident rates. This allows us to target our efforts where they are needed most.”

Recently, 13 officers from the DMP’s traffic department received training in Japan, gaining insights from a country that has successfully fostered good citizenship and traffic discipline among its youth since the 1960s. “We aim to replicate this success in Dhaka,” Hasan added.


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