Dhaka traffic inspired the music video: Kornia


Who would have thought someone could create a lively and colourful music video centered around Dhaka’s traffic jam? Singer Zakiya Sultana Kornia did just that with her latest track, “Dhaka Te Jam” — showcasing her charming dance moves and honeyed voice all whilst adding a vibrant energy to the entire production.

For her latest music video, Kornia, known for her popular tracks “Lukochuri” and “Tomake Je Chai”, departs from her usual Western wear, opting instead for a unique lehenga made from materials used for rickshaw art. She also added colourful sunglasses to bring in a funky-retro theme in her video, released last Friday (May 3).

Directed by Raj Biswas Sankor, the song’s tune and music have been composed by Amlaan A Chakraborty, with lyrics penned by Sudip Kumar Dip.

The enthusiastic singer recently spoke with The Daily Star about this new single, which has already won people’s attention.

Dhaka traffic inspired the music video: Kornia

Photo: Collected

When asked about the response to the music video so far, the singer replied, “The response has been fantastic. Audiences have shown a lot of love and appreciation towards the song. I’m thrilled that my fans have embraced this unique concept.”

Upon watching the music video, one is immediately drawn to the title “Dhaka Te Jam”. When asked about how she came up with this title, she credited the music director, who resides in Kolkata but was inspired after getting caught up in Dhaka’s notorious stream of heavy traffic.

Dhaka traffic inspired the music video: Kornia

Photo: Collected

“Dhaka’s traffic is something we’re accustomed to dealing with daily. In Kolkata, such circumstances are hardly seen. When my music director encountered a massive traffic flow en route to the airport, he thought of this idea and shared it with me. That’s how the lyrics for the song came about.”

Even before the music video was released, there was a huge demand for it, she explained, “I performed this song at various stage shows before creating the music video, and audiences have been eagerly anticipating its release since then.”


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