Deepika Padukone’s baby plans



Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh have hardly completed one year of marriage before the baby rumours spread like wildfire. But when asked if she was planning to expand her family, the actress is as coy as ever.

“You tell me when to plan and we shall do it accordingly,” she laughs, adding, “Do I look pregnant? You all can confirm that within nine months’ time. If I am pregnant, you all will surely notice it.”

The pregnancy rumours are so far off that the Cocktail actress has not spent time deciphering her parenting techniques either. “I will decide when it happens in life. Parenting is not the responsibility of one person, it’s about two people and how we decide together,” she asserts. However, when asked to wager a guess, Deepika muses that she will be the disciplinarian and Ranveer will be an indulgent father. “I know children will value me as they grow older,” she says.

Citing the example of her friend who had a baby recently, she adds, “They told us that no matter how much people tell you about parenting, when you are a new parent and it’s your own child, you will learn along the way.”

Working girl

Deepika has been in the professional sphere for a long time, having been a model and even a badminton player before she found her place in Bollywood.

While most children today are given everything their hearts desires, this kid knew the value of money from the start.

“I can definitely say that I have learnt to value money at a very young age. I have grown up in a simple middle-class family, so my value system is such. I never got pocket money; whenever I would get money is when I would get good marks. It would be good marks for `5. Only once I started earning did I purchase a mobile phone for myself. Our parents never indulged us,” she recounts.

Meanwhile, the actress finds that children today are more indulged by their parents than she was in her childhood. “Nowadays, children get toys when they cry. They also get mobile phones easily. Even at the dinner table, when a child is not eating, he is given an iPad. If they (parents) are not bringing up them properly, then these kids will not understand the value of money,” she opines.

Having become a film producer as of her last film Chhapaak, Deepika finds that her money managing has helped her there as well.

“I have always been responsible as far as money is concerned, as a person and producer also. It’s very important to spend in the right place. For example, if you are on a location and the crew needs a turnaround time and if you keep the units waiting, you have to pay them. I would rather pay them and feed them well and give them enough rest before they come the next day. Similarly, I know how well I work when I am well fed. Feed them well. It’s the basics,” she says in conclusion.


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