Cyclone Amphan: Danger signal 7 hoisted



Bangladesh authorities today ordered intensified preparedness as the southern coastlines visibly brace for a cyclone called Amphan feared to be a “very severe one” with met office issuing its high “danger signal number 7” in a scale of 10.

Meteorologists said the powerful cyclone in the Bay of Bengal was heading directly for the Bangladesh coastlines bordering India bringing with it the potential for major destruction and upheaval in both the countries, amid their extreme preoccupation with coronavirus pandemic.

Disaster management ministry officials said preparedness were ordered to launch a massive evacuation tomorrow as the cyclone was likely to hit the coastlines by May 20 afternoon.

Meteorologists feared the Amphsan wraths to be very high as its high strength coincided with the “new moon phase” to washout and inundate vast areas of particularly southwestern and central coastlines stretching up to Chottogram.

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