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A healing and caring network of relationships is the most important factor in a healthy,  long life. High EQ or emotional quotient can ensure that while increasing your circle of friends, you can build better bonds with those you have, while reaching out to new friends. The whole process will become more enjoyable.
Emotional intelligence can make friendships more satisfying and rewarding. What are the key skills one enjoys in a friend? Empathy: the ability to feel my happiness and my pain in your heart.
Caring about others means understanding and spending time on what others are interested in… Conversations should certainly include these subjects. Avoid criticising others — you are not the world’s police man. Involve everyone in the conversation: remember a bore is a fellow who wants to talk about himself, when you want to talk about yourself. Let there be humour, laughter, joy! Ask for advice. Give advice, if anyone asks for it. Share stories, sports and hobbies. Do enjoyable things together. Support others during tough times.  Watch out for those whose life seems to involve a series of making and breaking relationships. There are skills you can learn only by observing and participating in the University of Life.
So here are a few tips that you can adopt.
• Love and appreciate yourself
• Use mobile technology responsibly
• Understand others and develop empathy and trust
• Give time, talent, thoughts and treasure to others.
• Celebrate differences
So reach out and create a life changing, supportive web of friendships in the year ahead.

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