China condemns US intelligence report over COVID-19 origin



China criticized a report by US intelligence on COVID-19 that says it was “plausible” the virus originated in a Chinese laboratory.

The paper presented on Friday was a “mendacious report prepared for political purposes,” according to a statement distributed by the Foreign Ministry in Beijing on Sunday.

Following is the full text of the Statement by Vice Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu on Release of US Intelligence Report on COVID-19 Origins:

The US intelligence community has recently compiled a so-called report on the origins of COVID-19. It is a mendacious report made up for political purposes. There is no scientific basis or credibility in it.
The United States has also released a statement slandering and attacking China. The Chinese side hereby expresses its firm objection. It has made strong representations with the United States.
We have stressed on multiple occasions that origins tracing of COVID-19 is a complex issue of science. It should and can only be undertaken by scientists around the world through joint research.
The United States, however, disregards science and facts. It is instead obsessed with political manipulation and origins tracing by the intelligence community.
Without providing any evidence, the United States has cooked up one story after another to defame and accuse China. The aim is to use origins tracing to shift blame onto China and spread the political virus. The deployment of the intelligence community in origins tracing is in itself a compelling evidence of the politicization of the issue.
The United States accuses China of not being transparent or cooperative on origins tracing. This is sheer nonsense. China attaches great importance to international scientific cooperation on origins tracing, and has taken an active part in such cooperation.

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