Celeb-inspired sleek looks for girls who don’t like frizzy, bouncy hair



When it comes to glamming up, we all know that the way we style our hair can make all the difference. A messy bun, if not done correctly, can spoil the whole look and same is the case with frizzy hair, they need to be managed all the time to look good. Are you someone who wishes to take a break from frizzy and bouncy hairdos and needs something sleek yet elegant?

If so, then you have come to the right place. Here, we share with you a few celeb-approved sleek hairstyles that you ought to try.

Now, if you are looking for a hairdo that is simple but will still make you stand out, then this is the one. With the help of hair spray and gel, you can easily get this look right. And the best part is that with a hairdo like this, you can opt for bold makeup.

A neat low bun with centre parting is something that will go with both traditional and western dresses. But while opting for this hairstyle, make sure that you tuck in all the hair strands.

If you are someone who doesn’t like to pull her hair back in a bun, then you can easily change the hairstyle above and opt for a ponytail instead of a bun.

Adding waves to your sleek hairdo while keeping your hair open is also a good idea. This will make for a classy hairstyle that is perfect for a cocktail dinner.

Now, if you wish to go all out with your sleek hairdo, then this should be your pick. It is sleek with a punch of wow. However, while opting for a hairstyle like this one, you need to keep your makeup light and go light on accessories.

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