BNP MP Rumin Farhana alleges frequent harassment at Dhaka airport



Barrister Rumeen Farhana, BNP Member of Parliament (MP) from the reserved seats of women, has alleged frequent harassment at the Dhaka airport whenever she tried to go abroad and return to the country.

“It’s unfortunate whenever I tried to go abroad over the last seven to eight years, I was not allowed to leave the country in spite of having valid passport, visas and tickets. Though I went abroad once or twice, I was kept waiting at Airport Police Station two to two and a half hours deliberately. My passport was taken away. I have also been facing same kinds of harassment whenever I try to enter Bangladesh over the past seven to eight years,” she said taking part in a discussion of the 14th session of 11th Jatiya Sangsad on Saturday.

“Police don’t feel the necessity to nab the notorious criminals when they flee the country through the airport, but they don’t hesitate to harass an opposition member of parliament,” she alleged.

Earlier, the parliament session resumed with Speaker Dr Shirin Sharmin Chowdhury in the chair.

Raising her red passport, Rumin Farhana said she had received much honour at the airports of many countries whenever she carried her red passport after being elected member of parliament. “But, I had to face harassment whenever I left or returned to Bangladesh.”

At that time, addressing her, the Speaker said, “Your point is noted.”

The BNP said the Dhaka airport police kept her waiting two to three hours every time whenever she tried to leave the country over the last several years. Subsequently, she filed a writ at the Supreme Court against the harassment. Responding to the writ, the Supreme Court issued a directive in 2017 stating it clearly that she ought not be obstructed or harassed in any way [at the airport while leaving the country].

“Despite the clear directive of the country’s highest court, I have still been facing harassment at the airport whenever I try to leave the country. Despite the court order, why should I become the victim of harassment at the airport? Who is giving such orders? Whis department is doing this? The executive branch of the state has been undermining the judiciary through these steps.”

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