Beyoncé Lion King album: The young Brit who wrote the first track


GBnews24 desk//

When she was 16, singer Raye told herself she was going to work with Beyoncé.

As ambitions go, it’s similar to a child making a rocket out of loo rolls and telling themselves they’re going to the moon one day.

But just five years later, Raye has done it – having co-written Bigger, the first track on Beyoncé’s new Lion King album The Gift.

“It’s absolutely crazy how things have turned out,” she tells Newsbeat.

Raye’s scored solo hits and written big songs for people like Ellie Goulding, David Guetta, Little Mix and more.

But having a cut on a Beyoncé record is arguably her biggest song-writing credit yet.

“Everyone in my age bracket grew up listening to her religiously.

“I studied Beyoncé and all of her performances, I used to watch her videos crying

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