Bangladeshi director wins big at UK Asian Film Festival


Young and talented Bangladeshi director Riad Arfin has recently clinched the Best Short Film award at the UK Asian Film Festival for his captivating work, “A Border Between Us”, which intricately examines the nuanced differences between two individual cultures.

Amongst the distinguished guests at the UK Asian Film Festival was Shabana Azmi, alongside notable Bollywood celebrities like Karisma Kapoor and Sonali Bose.

The 14-minute film follows a Bangladeshi man’s odyssey across continents to reunite with his partner in the UK, only to confront unforeseen obstacles in pursuing his heart’s desire.

Bangladeshi director wins big at UK Asian Film Festival

Poster of the short film “A Border Between Us.” Photo: Courtesy

Exploring the intricacies of interracial relationships, grappling with visa regulations, and acclimatising to a foreign milieu, the film poignantly depicts the couple’s quest to establish a shared home in a space that harmoniously accommodates their disparate backgrounds.

Having premiered at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, the film has garnered acclaim at various esteemed festivals and is slated to be showcased at the upcoming DC/DOX Film Festival in the USA.

Riad Arfin’s directorial prowess has previously been recognised at the International short and independent film festival oganised by the Bangladesh Short Film Forum in 2014, where his film “A Bus Ride” was awarded the Best Film at the Tarek Shahriar Independent category.


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