Bangladesh Film Censor Board forms new committee


The Bangladesh Film Censor Board has formed a new committee of 15 members for the upcoming fiscal year.

Today, a statement signed by the Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Information, Saiful Islam, was issued by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and was announced to the media.

According to the President’s directive, it has been stated that the reformation of the censor board that the Secretary of the Ministry of Information has been appointed as the Chairman, and the Vice Chairman of the censor board will now be the Member Secretary of the new committee.

In this new committee, among the members from the acting profession are Sujata Azim, Aruna Biswas, Rokeya Prachi, Purnima and Azizul Hakim. Additionally, film producer Khasru and filmmaker Jahangir Alam will also serve as members of the committee for one year.

In addition, the current management director of the BFDC, Nuzhat Yasmin, and the president of the Directors’ Association, Kazi Hayat, are also included in the committee.

Besides, there are other members including the Secretary of the Law and Justice Division, the Prime Minister’s Press Secretary, the Deputy Secretary (Administration and Film) of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, and a representative from the Public Security Division of the Home Ministry.


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