Apu Biswas follows Bubly’s lead, files complaint against cyber harassment


On the heels of actress Bubly’s complaint regarding the spread of baseless news about her, the police took action on the matter and brought two of the accused individuals under the law.

Counter-terrorism’s Cyber Crime Investigation division has confirmed the news to the media.

Recently, the actress was compelled to file a complaint with the police after becoming a victim of cycybercrimeBased on her GD and complaint, actor Suruj Bangali and content creator Mou Sultana have been brought by the police for further interrogation. They were warned in the first round, where they apologised after realising their mistakes. They also promised not to spread such false news in the future.

According to the Cyber ​​Crime Investigation Division, social media users are now being victimised by various types of harassment on the platform. They are becoming victims of cyber criminals through Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Viber, IMO, WhatsApp, and other socialising apps.

An analysis of the complaints received by the CTTC (Counter Terrorism and Transitional Crime) of the Cyber ​​Crime Investigation Division in recent times shows that some individuals have been targeting cultural workers in the name of roasting on social media and are continuously bullying and hurling abuses. The department is determined to take action if it receives a complaint.

On April 24, Bubly lodged a complaint against several Facebook accounts including Protidiner Chitro, Jomshed Bhai, Mou Sultana, Sony Communications, SK Uzzal, Sonia Shimu, Ferdous Kabir, Abul Hossain Toofan, Shahinur Akter, and Zahidul Islam Apon amongst other 20 Facebook profile and pages and Youtube channels.

Similarly, actress Apu Biswas visited the Bhatara police station yesterday to file a complaint. She claimed that videos and posts on various social media platforms, along with obscene comments, were causing significant social and emotional harm to her. Biswas filed a general diary against 54 pages and channels allegedly involved in these activities.

Out of them, there are 34 Facebook pages which are—Bubly Fan, Shimanto 005, Viral News by Toma, 5 TV Bangla, Rahid RobiBD, Bubly Universe, Wasim Ahmed, Drishty, Dilruba Asma Blog, Khan Nishita, Bangla Cinemapara, Bubly SB, Hossain Khan, Cinegolpo with Tania, Ahmed Riyad, Tanu Afa, 25 Star Gossip, KES TV, Its RII, Life of Drishty, Shobnom Bubly Fans, Labony Vlog with Rupa, Beauty Queen Bubly, Shobnom Bublyr Supporters, Dhallywood Jogot, Rongin Ghuri by Sangeeta, Cinegolpo, A2Z BD, Entertainment by Critic from Germany and many others.

Apu Biswas mentioned in the general diary that not only have these pages and channels made ill comments but they have also used still images of her family members, made inappropriate remarks, and made some unacceptable videos to post them on social media.


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