A rare judgement saves 50 families from breaking apart in Sunamganj



A court in Sunamganj district on Wednesday freed the accused of 50 cases on condition that they would look after their wives and children returning to their conjugal lives.

Md Zakir Hossain, judge of the Sunamganj Women and Children’s Repression Prevention Tribunal, delivered the exceptional judgement at about 1:00pm on Wednesday.

The wives of the 50 accused filed the cases against their respective husbands bringing the allegations of family feud and repression on them.

A rare judgement saves 50 families from breaking apart in Sunamganj
A rare judgement saves 50 families from breaking apart in Sunamganj

However, judge Md Zakir Hossain had something different in mind. He decided to release the accused imposing a major condition that the accused would start their conjugal lives anew without family feud in future.

Receiving the news that their husbands would return to them at the intervention of the court, the wives rushed to the court with bouquets to welcome their husbands into their lives. Many of the wives were found waiting for their husbands with their babies.

The court sources said being the victims of repression and torture, those 50 women filed cases against their aggressive and brutal husbands under the Woman and Child Repression Prevention Act. A confrontational situation had arisen between the husbands and wives due to filing of the cases. As a result, life, security, food, accommodation, love and affection, and present and future of their children became uncertain.

Being detached from their husbands, the wives were heading toward an uncertain future with their children. In order to ensure a peaceful and congenial atmosphere bringing an end to the uncertain life, the court decided to release the accused.

In its observation, the court said: “Peace, not punishment. The judgement was given to save the 50 families so that the wives could go back to their husbands, while the husbands could return to their wives. Their children will see a light of hope at the end of the tunnel when they will find that their fathers and mothers come closer burying all their past differences.”

Following the pronouncement of judgement releasing the accused of 50 cases, husbands and wives greeted each other with bouquets of flowers.

At that time, an emotional atmosphere was created inside the courtroom. Many of the husbands and wives broke down into tears.

Sunamganj District Lawyers Association president Advocate Aftab Uddin said it was an exceptional judgement in the history of Sunamganj judiciary. Peace will come back to the families at the intervention of the court. It will help strengthen family bondage and social foundation. Moreover, faith of common people about  the judiciary will become stronger.

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