‘73 modern BOPs to be set up’ to enhance BGB’s capacity



Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) will build 73 new modern composite Border Outposts (BOPs) in border areas to enhance the operational capacity of the paramilitary force, and fortify border security of the country.
The Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (Ecnec) with its Chairperson and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in the chair on Tuesday approved the project titled ‘Construction of BGB’s 73 composites/modern observation posts (BOP) in border areas’,” said public relations officer (PRO) of the BGB Headquarters Md Shariful Islam.

He said the Prime Minister has taken several landmark steps to increase manpower in border areas, improve housing facilities for BGB members working in the BOPs, and strengthen physical facilities and structural security.

As part of the government’s efforts for the continuous development of the force, he said the Prime Minister approved a project regarding the construction of 73 more new composite BOPs.

“On behalf of the entire BGB family, the Director General of the force has extended his heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the Prime Minister for approving the project. It’ll be written forever in golden letters as a milestone for the sustainable development of the BGB and the country,” Shariful said.

He said 134 BOPs have already been set up as per the directives of the Prime Minister.

With the construction of 73 more modern BOPs, he said, it will be possible to increase the manpower along the border, improve housing facilities for the BGB members working in BOPs alongside strengthening the physical facilities and infrastructural security.

“It’ll also help enhance the operational capacity of the BGB several times and have a positive impact on the morale of the troops. It’ll also be considered as an exemplary step towards enhancing the overall wellbeing and excellence of the force engaged in safeguarding the country, the BGB PRO added.

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