7-day lockdown begins to contain coronavirus surge



A seven-day full lockdown across the country begins today (Monday) to April 11 to contain the sharp rise in coronavirus infection.

The government has issued an 11-point directive, including the suspension of public transport services to contain the alarming spread of coronavirus cases in the country.

The Cabinet Division issued the directives on Sunday which will remain in force from 6:00am on April 5 till 12:00am on April 11 as part of the countrywide restriction.

According to the directives, movement of public transports — bus, train, launch and plane — remain suspended while public and private offices and business establishments remain closed during the lockdown.

Emergency services, carrying of goods, production, overseas passengers and returnees remain out of the purview of the restriction.

The offices, staffers and vehicles of the organisations providing emergency services including law enforcement, relief distribution, health services, power, water, gas, fire services, port activities, telephone, and postal services will remain out of the purview of the restriction.

Jatiya Press Club, other professional clubs and social gathering will be under ambit of restriction

All government offices, non-government, autonomous, private offices and court will be allowed to carry limited number of employees with their own transports to perform emergency duties.

Industries and factories will remain open and the ongoing construction works will continue.

The respective industries must take measures to carry their employees with their own transports.

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