Thailand cave rescue: ‘Four-day window’ for boys to escape

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eams have a three to four-day window to save 12 Thai boys and their football coach from a cave where they have been trapped for two weeks, according to the leader of the rescue efforts.

Narongsak Osottanakorn said conditions were currently “perfect”.

There is concern that monsoon rains could follow, further flooding the narrow passages.

Media and all non-essential personnel were told to leave the site near the cave entrance early on Sunday.

Police said the area was needed for a rescue operation, although they did not specify whether one was imminent.

The boys were exploring the cave when they and their football coach became trapped by rising waters on 23 June.

Rescue divers have since been able to take them food, oxygen and medical assistance, while a huge international team works on a plan to free them.

“Now and in the next three or four days, the conditions are perfect [for evacuation] in terms of the water, the weather and the boys’ health,” said Mr Narongsak, governor of the Chiang Rai province, where the caves are.

“We have to make a clear decision on what we can do.”

There was a short burst of heavy rain on Saturday night after he spoke, and it is unclear whether this will have affected the plans.

Earlier in the day, the Thai Navy Seals released the letters the boys sent to their families, via rescue divers, reassuring them.

“Don’t worry, we are all strong,” one child said in a note. “Teacher, don’t give us lots of homework!” he joked.

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