Planning meeting held for Voice for Newham


London ||

A planning meeting was held on Sat 9 June at Plashet Road, Newham for the inauguration of “Voice for Newham” and the newly elected mayor and councillors of Newham. 

The meeting was chaired by the President of the organisation Ashikur Rahman and conducted by the General Secretary Syed Hossain Ahmed. The meeting was held to discuss and plan the event of 27 June for the newly elected Newham Council’s mayor and councillors along with the newly formed Voices for Newham’s executive inauguration ceremony at the Impression Event Venue. 

It was decided at the meeting that a proposal will be sent to the Mayor of Newham to facilitate free parking nearby all mosques around the borough during the Eid prayers from 8am to 12noon on Eid day so that the Muslims can go to mosques and pray Eid Prayers in peace. 

At the pre-planning meeting the chief advisor of Voice for Newham Usman Gani, Senior Vice President Shah Munim, Vice President Parvez Qureshi, Jahangir Khan, General Secretary Abdul Kadir Chowdhury Murad, Mayen uddin Ansar, Treasurer M Abul Miah, Organising Secretary Jahangir Alam, Youth & Sports Secretary Zain Miah and Safwan Qadir Chowdhury were present.

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