Mahi makes striking return, stirs up Facebook


Over the past few years, Mahiya Mahi was the talk of the town more due to her personal and political grounds rather than her involvement in the film industry. From divorce, remarriage, joining politics, and parenting, to contesting parliamentary elections and finally returning to square one – the actress has been through a lot.

After her defeat in the election, Mahi hinted at her return to cinema. However, she took a brief hiatus from acting to prepare herself thoroughly. Fans witnessed the first glimpse of her readiness yesterday (May 21) night, on her social media handle.

Mahi’s latest dance cover video, set to the tune of the Hindi track “Har Funn Maula”, displayed graceful dance movements. Clad in striking pink and black western attire, Mahi enthralled fans with her newfound fit and alluring form — a completely revamped appearance from her recent ones.

Not only does her fit physique shine, but her facial expressions are coordinated with the rhythmic dance and flow of music, proving that she is one of our glamorous heroines.

According to a source, Mahi rehearsed while she was preparing for a photo session. The moves were choreographed by Arohi Islam Onu and the videography was done by Syed Shahewar Hussain.

In the caption of the video, Mahi wrote, “Everyone went a little crazy that day in the middle of the shoot!”

Mahi has set the internet abuzz with her gripping dance cover. The video has rapidly amassed nearly 4 million views from her Facebook account alone. Accompanied by 1,39,000 reactions and approximately 3,000 shares, as of yet, the performance has sparked extensive chitchat across various movie-centric online communities. After a long absence from acting, Mahi’s appearance has reignited excitement within her fanbase.

Mahiya Mahi’s last on-screen appearance was in “Jao Pakhi Bolo Taare” (2022). Directed by Mustafizur Rahman Manik, the film also features Ador Azad and Shipan Mitra.


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