HK Polytechnic University: Protesters still inside as standoff continues



Between 100-200 protesters remain barricaded inside a Hong Kong university surrounded by police, as the standoff enters a third day.

Protesters inside Polytechnic University are said to be running low on supplies.

Since last week protesters have been inside the campus, initially preventing police from clearing them out.

But police then said they would be arrested for rioting, leaving some too scared to leave.

Tensions could be further inflamed by China condemning a decision by Hong Kong’s high court to overturn a ban on face-masks.

On Sunday night, police warned protesters they had until 22:00 (14:00 GMT) to leave the campus, saying they could use live ammunition if the attacks continued.

Police later moved in, surrounding the campus, leading to protesters throwing petrol bombs and firing rocks from catapults.

On Monday, dozens of protesters were arrested by police officers as they attempted to run from the campus. A small group managed to leave using rope ladders before being picked up by motorcycles.

Those arrested could be charged with rioting, which carries a penalty of up to 10 years in prison.

The violence at PolyU is one of the biggest flare-ups Hong Kong has seen since protests broke out in June.

The mostly young protesters have five key demands including an investigation into police brutality and universal suffrage.

But underpinning it all is the fear Hong Kong’s unique identity is threatened by China.

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